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Grow & Scale – Cannibas Industry Support

SAGIN, has entered the Cannibas industry.  With Illinois being the most recent state to legalize recreational marijuana. Growers, distributors and retailers are scrambling to scale their business.  This is placing tremendous strains on hiring the right labor, deploying technology, processes and internal controls in operations.  With less than 6 months away from the legalization on January 1, 2020, there is not much time to meet the demands of the market.  Companies need to scale quickly and efficiently.  Estimates of recreational use revenue in Illinois is $1.6 Billion per year.

SAGIN is already meeting these demands through a variety of its support services, including:

  • IT Managed Services
  • Recruiting and Employee Development
  • Data Security
  • Manufacturing Operations and Process Improvement
  • Internal Controls Setup and Testing

Chicago is the headquarters of two of the U.S’s leading growers, Green Thumb Industries and Cresco Labs. Illinois is being viewed as the hub for this industry even though the state was not the leader to legalization.  However, it is projected that Illinois will be the catalyst to the wave that will sweep the country.

To read more or click/download a pdf of SAGIN’s role in the Cannibas Industry: Grow n Scale

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