Managed Services

Full Turnkey Offerings to Improve Efficiency, Mitigate Risk and Enable Productivity

Historically, Managed Services has been thought of as a cost reduction strategy for large organizations, and typically associated with “off-shoring”. Today that no longer holds true. Organizations of all shapes and sizes are finding that Managed Services can be leveraged to enable increased focus on core competencies, while also providing additional value in cost reduction and risk mitigation. As a boutique consultancy, focusing on small to mid-sized organizations, SAGIN has developed a well-rounded offering of operational support offerings. These are IT, Account and Human Resources Managed Services. Using a creative and customized approach, we are able to use these offerings to enhance your core business, while also positioning you with access to additional and/or specialized resources at times of need.

Areas of Expertise

  • IT Managed Services - Workstation, Network and Infrastructure Operations Support
  • Co-location / Data Center Management
  • Data Protection and Network Security
  • Vendor and Procurement Management
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Management
  • CIO Services and Technology Strategic Planning
  • Recruitment, Human Resource Management and Talent Development
  • Accounting Operations

IT Managed Services

Download an overview of our IT managed services offering

Full Service IT Bringing You Into The Future

SAGIN's IT Managed Services can be your full turn-key IT Department as in the case with One Hope United supporting over 1,000 users in multiple states and locations while dealing with child care and compliance requirements. SAGIN realizes one size doesn't fit all. We structure our Managed Services solutions to meet the needs of the organization. We support small start-up businesses to multi-site national accounts and companies with global operations. Our professionals can be on site or centrally located for quick dispatch. We support clients 24/7/365 and can scale to your needs. Our team of professionals not only support your operations but they work with you to take advantage of new technologies which further your mission and goals.

Supporting Non-Profits and Agencies in Critical Need

SAGIN supported One Hope United and many other non-profits and governmental entities and small businesses which often fall behind in technology investments. Through SAGIN's unique model of IT Shared Services, organizations like One Hope United were able to achieve higher levels of service, more experienced IT resources and greater leverage of technology investments for a lower cost of operations. This is the power of IT Shared Services.

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