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Grow & Scale – Cannabis Industry Support

(Story Update 10-14-20)

SAGIN, supports the Cannabis industry behind the scenes.  With Illinois being the most recent state to legalize recreational marijuana. Growers, distributors and retailers are scrambling to scale their business.  This is placing tremendous strains on hiring the right labor, deploying technology, processes and internal controls in operations.  With legalization on January 1, 2020, Illinois became an added state to the list of growth.  Companies need to scale quickly and efficiently.  Recreational use revenue in Illinois approximates $1.6 Billion per year.  Now with the 2020 presidential election, Cannabis is on the ballot at a federal level and it can be a boom for the future of the industry.

However, a company’s ability to scale and grow is directly dependent on access to experienced resources to hit the ground running.   The legal expertise and compliance knowledge is a given, but the often overlooked and critical component is resources related to infrastructure and operations.

SAGIN is already meeting these demands through a variety of its support services, including:

  • IT Managed Services
  • Recruiting and Employee Development
  • Data Security
  • Manufacturing Operations and Process Improvement
  • Internal Controls Setup and Testing

Rapid deployment and access to technology along with the operations and people to implement becomes critical.  Providing support to private equity, rapid start-ups and growing businesses, SAGIN has the ability to rapidly deploy resources related to technology, operations, talent management, data security and controls.  These are the critical path factors to meeting the demand of an industry.

To learn more information on how SAGIN is supporting growth and scalability you can contact us at or visit or +1.312.281.0290.


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