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Equality has always been at the core of our values and culture and the fundamental foundation of our company since it’s inception.  As companies promote their commitment to equality, we live it every day! Since the beginning of our company we created a program titled E3 (Equality, Education & Environment).  Through this program, we contribute 15% of our profits to those organizations which support the causes and efforts of equality, education and the environment.  The following is a video we created years ago which still ring true today and demonstrates the culture of our company.

We are strongly encouraged by the diversity of people coming together in the support of equality through Black Lives

Matter, Pride and the demonstrations against injustice.   The change, messaging and movement is especially momentous this month.  With the commemoration of Juneteenth, Pride Month and especially the two recent decisions by the United States Supreme Court, protecting the equality of the LGBTQ community the right to work and the many DACA protected people who can now call the U.S. home.

SAGIN is an LGBTBE certified entity and it is our hope that all companies will make equality integrated into its culture and invest in the future.  This is not a once a year celebration, but a lifelong commitment to equality and the values that our constitution guarantees, that all people are created equal!

Equality, it’s not a flag, a protest or a promotional campaign, it is a value and a way of life!

Richard Sypniewski – CEO, SAGIN, LLC

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