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Are You Protecting Your Organization with MFA?

As an IT-managed service provider, we believe it’s necessary that your organization uses MFA across the entire organization. If you’re not sure what an MFA is, that’s okay! MFA is just another way of saying multifactor authentication. Multifactor authentication is a security feature offered by websites and applications that requires its users to use more than two forms of authentication when signing in. This second form could be a text, an email with a code, or even a call.  

So Why Does MFA Matter? 

According to a study done by Google, MFA through text messages can deter 100% of all automated cyberattacks, 76% of targeted attacks, and 96% of bulk phishing attempts. Yet, with how effective they are at deterring phishing attempts, a large number of organizations aren’t using them. [1]

What’s the Cost of Not Using MFA? 

Using single password protection is no longer safe because hackers can figure it out. So, if your organization isn’t using MFA and hasn’t been hacked, it’s only a matter of time. Security breaches can affect your credibility and cost you thousands of dollars. Don’t let your organization fall victim to a scam; contact us today to learn more about MFA and how your organization should be using it. 

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