Generation to Consumer

The energy industry is becoming increasingly diverse with the introduction of new regulations, expanding production sources and increasing demands. SAGIN has helped companies solve their operating and strategic issues from raw material extraction to end user consumption. Whether helping optimize a fleet for a distribution company or managing the implementation of a smart grid at a public utility, SAGIN is always there to support our client’s needs and keeping the lights on.

Areas of Expertise

  • Develop and implement sourcing strategies
  • Risk Assessments for facilities, supply, maintenance and operations
  • Design and implement energy continuity plans for commercial and industrial operations operating 24/7
  • Manage capital projects for heavy industrial operations including oil & gas, metals, mining, power generation, etc.
  • Integrate alternative energy sources into the operations of providers and consumers
  • Support operations and administration in financial and operational reporting to meet regulatory compliance
  • Design and implement maintenance and operations strategies along with fleet and supplies management

SAGIN's Energy Industry Services

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