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Turning Lemons into Lemonade in Todays Business

Shutdowns, remote working and business “not as usual” may seem like life handed us a bunch of lemons.  However, now is a good time to address those infrastructure and upgrades your business has put off while people are not in the office or business is either closed or running on a skeleton crew.  Have you considered leveraging an IT Managed Services provider to get these efforts done?

Putting a positive spin on this, has your IT team considered what sudden vacancy means for catching up on in-office projects?  A remote workforce also poses a great opportunity to catch up on in-office improvement projects that may have otherwise been difficult to address.   Our team is still working and operational to support these needs, while also taking extra precautions to stay safe with both our employees and the people we work with.

Get In-Office Projects Done

A vacant office provides a rare opportunity for IT teams – the ability to do some in-office clean-up or improvement projects that would otherwise be very challenging to schedule. Here are ways we can help:

  • Network closet cable cleanup, rack organization, labeling, general cleanup (dust/wipedown, etc)
  • Wireless heat-map / assessment: uncover coverage needs and reposition WAPs
  • Network topology design and/or documentation
  • Inventory onsite hardware: servers, switches, WAPs, workstations, etc.
  • Review network equipment configuration and propose remote access solutions
  • Replace unmanaged switches with managed switches
  • Server Room additions: temperature monitor, additional UPSs, redundant firewalls and “hot spares”

If you would like Sagin, LLC. assist with any project needs, please contact us at

Better Support a Remote Workforce
Here are the ways we are helping organizations manage a remote workforce:

  • Launching company collaboration, communication and remote connectivity toolsNote: several companies are offering free trials due to coronavirus outbreak
  • Deploying virtual remote workplaces:
    • Azure “Windows Virtual Desktop”
    • Windows Server “Remote Desktop Services” aka “terminal servers”
    • Configuration of cloud workplace to on-premise network though site-2-site VPNs
  • Client VPN configuration/deployment – allows users can work-from-home and connect to office resources
  • Work-from-home workstation/laptop security audits and cleanup
  • File-share migrations to the cloud – e.g. Microsoft SharePoint
  • Day-to-day help desk support for remote users during these high-volume, stressful scenarios

If you would like Sagin, LLC. assist with any remote workforce needs, please contact us at

SAGIN, LLC is a professional services firm which combines, IT Managed Services, Consulting, Risk Management and Employee Development to keep businesses operating even through the difficult times. To learn more about us or perform an assessment of your IT operations you can contact us at or +1.312.281.0290 or visit us at  

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