Non-Profit & Government

Transforming NonProfits and Agencies to Compete and Deliver World Class Services

The industry norm today has become tight budgets, playing catch up on the latest advances in technology, finding talent and managing resources all while addressing increasing compliance requirements. SAGIN has experience in some complex environments from social service agencies, performing arts, foundations and museums to municipal operations such as transportation systems, shipyards, government and military installations. SAGIN recognizes the unique demands this industry faces and we have developed some innovative solutions to reduce operating costs while improving effectiveness and delivery of services. We understand that operating in the public domain and funded by taxpayers and other contributors means solutions implemented carry a unique and heavier weight of responsibility.

Areas of Expertise

  • IT managed services including: hosting, systems continuity, security recovery, one of the only firms supporting clients with an outsourced and “on-shore” model
  • Museum and institutional management, improving customer/contributor loyalty, branding as well as operational effectiveness
  • Procurement strategy and deployment reducing the costs of supplies and the cost to serve
  • Recruiting of Executives CEO’s, CFO’s Directors, Program leaders, etc.
  • Change management, communications strategy development and executive advisory
  • Compliance audits
  • Fundraising strategies including crowdsourcing, program management and deployment of technology tools
  • Facilities management

Delivering for a cause!

Download our Museum 2020 Research Study which identifies key best practices and trends for organizations operating in the Museum, Theater, Non-Profit, Aquarium and Zoo space.

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