Media & Entertainment

Addressing The Growing Channels of Demand & Distribution

Getting news from the morning paper is rapidly diminishing as it is now possible to catch-up on the latest information electronically while commuting to work. No industry has seen such rapid change than media and entertainment. SAGIN is in the thick of it working with producers, publications, television, cable, streaming content providers, social media networks and advertising. SAGIN understands that success in this industry is not defined by content alone but the ability of have multiple moving parts working together to capture the consumers changing appetite. The consumer wants to be connected. Successful companies must capture those segments and instill a brand loyalty while anticipating the changing demand.

Areas of Expertise

  • Customer acquisition strategy development and implementation
  • Communications training and development of media executives and presenters
  • Recruiting of media executives for cable, television, print, broadcasting, digital, advertising, etc.
  • Sales force effectiveness
  • Merger and acquisition integration
  • Digital monetization strategies from design to deployment.

Lights, Camera, Action!

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