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Ready, Set, Teach – Are Schools Prepared for Remote Learning?

School districts are scrambling at the last minute to support on-line learning and live instruction.  But there is more to it than just a video conference!  For example:

  1. Are teachers prepared and supported with the right technology and hardware?
  2. Is bandwidth and student reach a challenge?
  3. Is your IT department properly staffed with help desk support?
  4. Are both students and faculty protected from on-line threats?
  5. Do you have the logistical network in place to replace and repair hardware?
  6. Are you properly protecting people’s privacy as you electronically enter the homes of students and faculty?

All of these are valid concerns that technology departments at school districts are thrust into!  Also, many of them are understaffed, poorly equipped and cannot handle the flood of support calls from hardware failure, software issues, hacking incidents, etc.

SAGIN understands these challenges because we support companies working remotely across the globe, and being headquartered in Chicago with a 24/7/365 IT support operation, we are the right resource for your technology support or the backup to your existing team.

Our executives have led the deployment of remote support and learning starting back in 2002 with the first outbreak of SARS in China.   Now with the continued threat of COVID and the challenges placed on operations, we have stepped up once again, supporting businesses and schools with:

  • 24/7/365 technology support
  • Resources which can be deployed locally and be on-site as needed following the strictest of safety precautions
  • Being the backup support to your internal technology team
  • Providing the network monitoring and security tools to keep your faculty and students safe and secure on-line
  • Providing varied levels of technology support for students and faculty which may need that extra support and handholding
  • Having the local logistical network in the Chicagoland area to deploy hardware and equipment on short notice.

Don’t feel like you are alone and short of resources and support.  Contact us to learn how we can be your most trusted and reliable resource during these challenging times.

SAGIN, LLC is a professional services firm which provides Technology Managed Services, Training & Development and Operational Consulting to leading businesses, nonprofits and learning institutions.  Visit us at


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