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Nonprofits – Why Should You Become Digitally Mature?

We understand that nonprofits are facing incredibly difficult challenges this year, like tighter budgets, burnout across the entire organization, and lower retention. Nonprofit executives are thinking, “How am I going to work through these challenges with such little resources?”. Well, based on our research, and experience, we suggest that you make it a key priority to become a digitally mature organization.   

 What does it mean to become digitally mature?  

Organizations must go through a process known as digital transformation. Digital transformation is integrating digital technology into all areas of an organization, which changes how the organization operates and delivers its value to customers.   

Digital transformation can look different for each organization because, for some, it could mean going paperless, utilizing artificial intelligence to optimize the customer experience, or adding security measures to protect their data. Regardless of the organization’s need, digital maturity allows organizations to become more agile and efficient because they leverage data to guide decision-making. For nonprofits, digital transformation will likely look like automating mundane and time-consuming tasks to save their employees’ time and resources, personalizing communications with stakeholders to improve their relationships, making data accessible across the organization while being easy to use and understand, and prioritizing cybersecurity. These changes are particularly critical as organizations expand mobility and remote working becomes part of the norm. 

What are the Benefits of Becoming Digitally Mature  

According to a report by Salesforce, nonprofits with a high level of digital maturity benefit from stronger stakeholder relationships, higher goal achievement rates, and more motivated employees. Also, digitally mature organizations outperformed their peers, regardless of the organization’s size, revenue, or location. Overall, digitally mature organizations were: [1]

  • 1.9x more likely to experience improvements in organizational efficiency or mission impact  
  • 3.5x more likely to have exceeded their mission goals 
  • 1.3x more likely to have lower levels of staff burnout 

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