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Benefits of Using a Cloud-Based Phone System

What is a Cloud-Based Phone System? 

Unlike traditional phone systems, which require physical equipment and a public phone network, cloud-based phones are connected to the internet and can be accessed through any computer device, cellphone, or tablet. In addition, being that the phone system is in the cloud, there is no equipment to maintain, all your data is securely backed up, you won’t have to change your phone number, and you can easily maintain users by adding or deleting through the app.

The Benefits of Having a Cloud-Based Phone System  

Lowers Costs 

Cloud-based phone systems are more cost-efficient because they only rely on access to high-speed internet and don’t require any extra equipment. In contrast, traditional phone systems need physical equipment, maintenance, add-ons like voicemail and auto attendant, and a carrier for service. 

Also, for companies that pay for their employee’s cell phones, this could be an effective way to scale back financially, as this is just an app on their phone, and it even provides them with a different phone number and messaging. 

Easy Set-Up 

Cloud-based phones are easy to set up with the right professional and can be done in a day.


One of the best features of cloud-based phones is their ability to grow with your business. No longer will you have to order new phones or go through the hassle of adding new phone numbers. With cloud-based phones, you can add new numbers in seconds. You can also easily configure phone routing to new departments or groups of people. 

Less Maintenance  

No longer will you have to deal with the maintenance surrounding traditional phone systems. Since there’s no additional equipment with cloud-based phones, you won’t need to worry about physical maintenance. And they offer customer service, so if you have any issues with the software, you’re always one call away from getting help.  

Best for Companies that Offer Remote positions    

Cloud-based phones are perfect for companies that are either going remote or are remote but are looking to improve system functions, because it removes the need for people to be at the office. And with their automated voicemails, your team will never miss a call. So, it’s the software to have if you want to get away from a physical location and save money. 

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