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Sneak Peak of the Museum 2030 Research Paper

In 2014 Sāgin created a research paper titled Museum 2020, Building the Future and Avoiding Extinction.  Now in 2023, we have updated this research to focus on the future and 2030.  This research combined the trends in the market sectors of museums, education, arts/entertainment, hospitality, and nonprofits compared to the societal changes and consumer behaviors to create best practices and predictive trends leading executives can deploy in their own organization.  

Therefore, this report is based on multiple research studies, articles, leading executive interviews, surveys, and consumer behavioral studies. We combined consumer data over the past five years and analyzed trends at leading institutions, including:  The Smithsonian, Guggenheim, MoMA, British Museum, etc.  We also looked at best practices used by leaders in the arts and entertainment industry, such as: MGM, Disney, Universal Studios, Sony, etc.   

If you’re interested in obtaining a copy, either attend the AAM Museum Expo on May 19, 2023 in Denver where the report will be released or reserve a free copy by submitting our contact form on our website: or send us an email at  

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