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5 Signals that indicate it may be time to switch IT Service Providers

If you are currently outsourcing your IT Needs to an IT Managed Service Provider (“MSP”) it is easy to get used to the level of Service, you are receiving over time.  The following is a list of the 5 things to look out for that indicate it may be time to look elsewhere for your IT Needs.

  1. Tech issues arise repeatedly after fixes have been implemented.   If your existing IT Service Provider is suggesting fixes to the same issues that continue to come up on a recurring basis then this is not a good sign. Each time your IT Managed Services Provider helps you put out a fire they should also recommend ways to either avoid or significantly reduce the problem from happening again so that you don’t have to contact them again for the same issue.
  2. Tech Support Staff aren’t responsive enough when you need them.   For Tech Issues that immediately impact your ability to collect Revenue and halt operations your Service Provider should be available and responding to you within minutes. Oftentimes issues need to be escalated to a Systems Engineer with specific knowledge and it is understandable that these things take time, but communication should be timely and specific and you should be receiving regular updates on the progress of the diagnosis/fix that is being identified.
  3. Pricing Surprises – surprise charges on the Invoices from your Provider.  There are many different types of Pricing Models out there in the IT Services space – this includes Per Device, Per User, and Tiered among others. Whichever one you are on should be either flat fee or if it isn’t then surprise charges which vastly affect your invoices coming up on an ongoing basis should not be occurring.
  4. Lack of Subject Matter Experts in your Industry.  Having Systems Engineers who are working on your Account who have experience working with similar Companies in your Industry is crucial. Understanding your Business and its unique needs requires someone who has implemented solutions previously for a Company in a similar situation.  If your existing MSP does not have this then it creates a more difficult experience for you.
  5. Decrease in service over time.  If you’ve noticed that initially you as a client received lots of attention and Support when you initially signed on in your first Contract Period, but that level of Service has significantly declined from your MSP then this is a signal that your Account is no longer being prioritized as much vs. new Accounts which is also a sign it may be time to look elsewhere.

Sagin provides 25/7 IT Managed Services domestically with either complete outsourcing or a partial/hybrid model.  With high inflation, rising labor costs and scarcity of resources, why would you want to manage this function internally?   We can provide you with a free benchmarking and assessment to see if outsourcing your IT is right for you.  You can contact us at: or +1.312.281.0290

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