More Than Just A Consulting Firm

When you engage SAGIN, you are partnering with more than a traditional consulting firm. Our unique approach derives from a fundamental belief in helping people, organizations, communities and society grow and develop. To foster this effort we created an investment fund called E3. E3 stands for Equality, Education and Environment. Through the E3 fund, SAGIN contributes 15% of pre-taxed profit to these three focus areas essential to growth and development.


When people are treated fairly and equally with the same human rights as others, nothing holds them back from success. Whether it is race, gender, age, physical ability, sexual orientation, etc., SAGIN supports organizations that foster equality in every aspect of human rights. We believe full inclusion hiring practices return greater results that benefit every stakeholder.


One of the best investments someone can make is in an education. Education improves development and creates an overall better world. Conversely, the lack of education instills ignorance - in effect repressing rights, freedoms, and obstructing progress. Education is the fundamental building block that has advanced our world as we know it..


The time is now to preserve our environment, which in many ways is becoming less renewable as a lack of attention has been focused on responsible and sustainable human ways of life and commerce. We must accept responsibility for ourselves and take care of our planet.

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